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Saturday 8th July

St Bartholomew's Church, Chalvington

St Bartholomew's Church
Church Lane, Chalvington
BN27 3TD

Ian King performs songs from his recent album 'inebriate of air'. Songs composed to the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Directions to All Saints Church, Laughton
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A folk artist and music composer from Yorkshire recently returned to live in the UK after 10 years living in Tuscany building dry stone walls and tending olive groves.

In this setting, and in the wake of a forest fire that ravaged his homestead, he composed and recorded a self produced album called ‘inebriate of air’ during the covid lockdown.

This was a body of work that was born out of his new found interest of composing songs and soundscapes to poetry, rather than his normal practice of singer-songwriter come arranger of trad folk songs.

His appreciation of Emily Dickinson poetry in particular and her ability to animate the very essence of nature, life and death made for a fascinating musical adventure.

Instead of returning to his home town in Yorkshire, he decided to settle in Sussex where he now lives.

This summer he will perform some of the pieces from ‘inebriate of air’ as well as his other material at Chalvington Church on 8th July 2023

Inebriate of Air by Ian King
  • Listen to 'Inebriate of Air' on Spotify
  • Listen to 'Inebriate of Air' on Apple Music
  • Listen to 'Inebriate of Air' on Apple Music
  • Listen to 'Inebriate of Air' on Tidal
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